The United Nations needs you in its mission and they're paying handsomely

The United Nations needs you in its mission and they're paying handsomely
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The UNITED NATIONS CHILDRENS FUND and the UNITED NATIONS PROGRAMME ON HIV/AIDS need dedicated mission partners in its


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The United Nations seeks full-time or part-time Mission Partnership Officers [MPO's] to assist/partner the UNICEF and the UNAIDS in funding its "on-the-ground" projects globally, towards the accomplishment of the UN-declared MDG Programme. This mission includes facilitiating humanitarian assistance to children in desperate need, victims of HIV/AIDS, research and training, grants, activation of medical teams and equipment, and purchase and provisioning of medicines, tents, food and varying types of emergency equipment, and more.

Job Post/Title Mission Partnership Officer [Job code: 9124225]

Number of Open Positions: 298 open positions (Spread across multiple locations)

Job Type Permanent - Full Time / Part Time

Location/Duty Station No Office Location / Remote

Work Experience Level: No Experience Required (Training provided on the Job)

Role: Humanitarian Finance / Mission Support

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Brief Description/Role Summary:

You will serve as liaison officer and contact person between the UN and it's agencies like the UNAIDS and UNICEF, and international donors based in Europe, the US and Canada. You will be tasked with redeeming donations and monetary gifts for and on behalf of the United Nations' aid agencies tasked by the MDG on resolving many of the world's most pressing social problems affecting children, the less privileged, the sick and the disadvantaged.

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