Seeking no nonsense investors for many World Class Projects

Seeking no nonsense investors for many World Class Projects
Larry Kronebusch
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Posted: 2016-06-04


Aries Alliance Investments is seeking a few ( as many as 7 to 10 ) for real no nonsense investors ( angels & VC’s to begin one of the very largest and most profit capable group of start up companies on the planet.

Through years of research we can lead quality investors ( not so much lenders ) directly to almost every new start up project on the planet.

Certainly we can together create a company that offers our unique form of start up funding that will bring in literally thousands and tens of thousands of high quality start up ventures building one of the strongest global empires / venture groups on the planet.

We require at first one good partner for $1,775,000.00 to start us off and I think it will be at least a 2 % profit from every deal funded for us within 2 years.

It just takes me and you if you are for real ( nd not pulling scams ) and only the first 5 people in will set the goals, rules and set up the profit splits

No criminal people nor those with non legal funds need apply

You will be required to bring forward full transparency with a recent CV & picture

You must have skype and no skype sorry we won’t allow you in

We have over 35 years of industry leading experiences in real estate construction and Fortune 100 new business designing & developments.

We offer some of the highest profit producing start ups on the planet in the safest and most proven of industry focuses.

And we do not pay up front fees so please do not ask us

( only mutually agreed upon costs at closing are acceptable.)

and we do have an under contract $8,000.00 proof of funds requirement.

If you wish to learn more send me clear identity and your interest notations to receive my presentation to


( dots between my email words )

Thank you kindly

Aries Alliance Investments.