Farm for sale in the Amazon of Ecuador

Farm for sale in the Amazon of Ecuador
$350,000 $466,235
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Farm for sale in the Amazon of Ecuador, South America, in the rainforest.

Country - Ecuador

  Its special climate and fresh air makes it ideal for relaxation and adventure activities in the Amazon rainforest, or engage in agriculture, scientific research, environmental projects or conservation as a refuge by being away from the large cities and sea. Near native tribes inhabit the región, and cevilized. It pays very Little taxes.   The Villa is in the rainforest. There are Seventy (70) acres, it has its own water fonts, cellular signal arrives and the Internet. Located at the top of the mountain, two hours from the nearest town, (Yanzatza) access is by foot or on horseback, average weather 18 ° (degrees Celsius   You can grow fruit trees, banana, guava, lemon, orange, pineapple (naranjilla grasses, yucca, there are forest animals such as peccaries, tapirs, ocelots, porcupines, monkeys, rabbits, armadillos. There are bird watching, as toucans, wild turkeys, parrots. Half of the property is with pasture for animals, and the other half is tropical forest.   It has three simple log cabins to homes, a bathroom with sink, toilet and shower and a small wooden house has kitchen, no electricity, and water is piped from a natural source using hoses.   The value of the property is $ 350,000 (Three hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars

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