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BEAUTIFUL LOVE BIRD PAIR WITh CAGE AND FOOD FOR 250 I am selling may beautiful lovebirds pair they are 6 month old and wings are clipped they are hand tamed and friendly... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-27 $250
Adorable baby lovebird
Adorable baby lovebird We have one baby lovebird left (hatched Nov.11 Wings are clipped. It is hand tamed, playful and friendly. We do not k... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-27 $50
peagons for sale!!!! i have white homers,pakistani and high flyers for sale Favorites Calgary 2014-01-26
Adorable baby lovebirds
Adorable baby lovebirds *PRICE REDUCED* We have 2 baby lovebirds for sale; hatched Nov.11 and Nov.13. They are friendly and hand tamed.They h... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $50
Cheeky colourful lovebird
Cheeky colourful lovebird I have a 2 yr old lovebird for adoption she is pulling paper into strips and sometimes lays eggs. She is very intelli... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $100
Baby Green Cheek Conure
Baby Green Cheek Conure Green Cheek Conure Babies ready to go home  nowExtremely tame and gorgeous babies.  Great as a family pet.  In pallet... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $450
A Pair of Zebra Finches
A Pair of Zebra Finches They are very healthy, and energetic, and love to sing. They can breed as well. Come with cage, accessories, and food... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $60
Young Budgies!
Young Budgies! We have some young budgies for sale. They are various colors of blues, yellows, whites. They are around 7 or 8 mont... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $20
Budgies For Sale! Breeding Pair of Budgies Max and Cheery need a new home! Cheery lays 3 to 6 eggs in her nest box and Max is very attentive. he'll even feed ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $60
Baby cockatiel for sale
Baby cockatiel for sale Baby cockatiel for sale. He/she was born on Nov 3rd very healthy,friendly and very tame. I am asking$150. No e-mail p... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $150
Hand fed baby Africa greys Taking orders on baby hand fed Congo African greys. They are currently 7 weeks old and on 3 feeds a day. Will be read... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $1,900
Baby mini macaw (hahns red shoulder macaw)
Baby mini macaw (hahns red shoulder macaw) Selling my hahns macaw baby very friendly , loves to be picked up and played with very friendly, female comes with la... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $1,300
Gloster Canary Pair
Gloster Canary Pair Breeding pair of Gloster canaries. Blue consort male and variegated corona hen. Good parents, produced 6 babies in 20... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25
Yellow-sided green cheek conure
Yellow-sided green cheek conure Beautiful Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure. 2-year-old female. Looking for a new home. Will come with her large cage, ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-25 $450
Sun Conure
Sun Conure Looking to sell Pretty Bird our sun conure. He is 6 yrs old. A beautiful addition to any family. Comes with cage and ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-24 $1,200
THREE - 4 MONTH OLD LOVEBIRDS Hello, I have three - 4 month old baby lovebirds for sale.  $125.00 each. Their wings have been clipped for easier ha... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-24 $125
6 month old African Grey for Sale Six month old African Grey for sale. Already talking some, comes with massive cage (will need truck to move tons of t... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-24
Wanted: Red Head Pied or normal Parrot Finch hens Looking for two Red head Pied or normal Parrot Finch Females under two years old' Favorites Calgary 2014-01-24 $80
Wanted: looking for birds for my kids Hello we are a family of 6 and are looking for a few birds for our family we have had birds in the past and love to l... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-24
Wanted: family looking for daschhound puppies hello I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find dashhound puppies we are looking for red dapple male or female... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-24