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Beautiful Budgies for sale
Beautiful Budgies for sale I have male and female budgies that love to sing and dance all day for sale. Unforetunatly I have to sell them becaus... Favorites Calgary 2014-12-22 $15
breeding senegal parrots breeding pair of senegal parrots for sale Favorites Calgary 2014-04-15 $650
Wanted: Looking for Rainbow Lory / Lorikeet Breeder Hello - I am looking for a breeder of rainbow/green-naped lory in Alberta (or who will ship to Alberta I would like t... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30
Wanted: Zebra finches
Wanted: Zebra finches Looking for mutation zebra finches anything but normal Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30
2 wonderful parrotlets sold separately or together
2 wonderful parrotlets sold separately or together Hello I am selling two parrotlets they are siblings so can not be used for breeding but they do get along, they are v... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30 $80
Victorian Style Cage Beautiful big cage good for parrotlets or cockatiels. These cages go for $149.00 at pet shops I am selling for $80 ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30 $80
3 finches 2 cages for sale
3 finches 2 cages for sale Hi -  I must sell the Lavender - "she" is all that is left - before I can sell the flight cage - or with flight cage ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30
Gloster Consort Male Canary
Gloster Consort Male Canary Blue Gloster Canary Would make a nice singing pet I'm asking $80 for him. Or trade for Lady Gouldian finch, male or ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30 $80
LOVE BIRD PAIR FOR SELL WITH CAGE AND FOOD I am selling my beautiful love birds pair with cage and food only for 250 they birds are unique colour birds body are... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30 $250
Wanted: Pair of finches under $100 I'm looking for a pair of finches that are not zebras, societies, or gouldians. Any other kind will do. They will be ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30 $100
Jardin Parrot with Items
Jardin Parrot with Items I would like to find a home for my Jardine Parrot.  She is about two years old and is very sweet.  She needs a home w... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30 $1,500
Discus for sale I have one healthy discus for sale, he 4"-5", if you are interested please send me an email, thanks for looking Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30 $80
bird cage
bird cage Large double height vision cage. Cleaned and lined . Suitable for Cockatiels, lovebirds,  and Canaries. Favorites Calgary 2014-01-29 $70
2 finches and flight cage
2 finches and flight cage Hi -  for sale: very young finch and brand new flight cage   Please note that I must sell the lavender finch either w... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-29
Thi Lady Gouldian Finch Thi Lady Gouldian about 1 year old healthy and very active picture is not the original but she look exactly like that... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-29 $100
Gouldian Male Thi Male Gouldian Finch about 1 and 3 months old active and healthy bird he look like exactly like in this picture. ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-29 $100
2 cockatiels p Hi there. I have two cockatiels that I am looking to re home. I'm going back to school and just won't have the time t... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-29 $250
beautiful hand fed baby Jenday conure
beautiful hand fed baby Jenday conure baby conure ready for permanent home. serious inquiries only. only one baby left! This ad was posted from the Kijiji... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-29 $750
Conures Green Cheek Conure Babies and different mutations ready to go home  next weekExtremely tame and gorgeous babies.  Gre... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-29 $450
Bird Cages
Bird Cages Two bird cages for ssle. The black Victorian style is $75 OBO Great for cockatiels. The blue and white one is $50 O... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-29