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2 wonderful parrotlets sold separately or together
2 wonderful parrotlets sold separately or together Hello I am selling two parrotlets they are siblings so can not be used for breeding but they do get along, they are v... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30 $80
Victorian Style Cage Beautiful big cage good for parrotlets or cockatiels. These cages go for $149.00 at pet shops I am selling for $80 ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-30 $80
parrotlet for breeding
parrotlet for breeding parrotlet for breeding .one year old. blue female and green fallow male. they can produce blue, green, and yellow bab... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-23 $250
parrotlets pair of parrotlets 8 months old. semi tame Favorites Calgary 2014-01-23 $325
blue pair of parrotlets.........ON HOLD blue pair of parrotlets. one year old. ready to breed. Favorites Calgary 2014-01-21 $250
Pair of parrotlets and large Flight cage 2 green pacific parrotlets looking for a new home. Come with large flight cage, toys, food etc. Prefer a non-breeding... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-21
beautiful pair of parrotlet
beautiful pair of parrotlet beautiful pair of parrotlets , 2013 banded. Favorites Calgary 2014-01-19 $300
Blue male parrotlet male parrotlet.  around 10 months old, Favorites Calgary 2014-01-16 $150
Beautifol Parrotlet
Beautifol Parrotlet Beautiful pair of parrotlets. 6 months old.Excellent for breeding. Green male and blue female. Favorites Calgary 2014-01-16 $225
American Yellow female Parrotlets female parrotlet. Two year old . banded. with vision cage. food and toys Favorites Calgary 2014-01-12 $225
parrotlet pair beautiful parrotlets, healthy, on Roudybush pellets, ready to breed , 8 months old, 2013 close banded, American yello... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-11 $275
1 Year Old Bonded Parrotlet Pair For Breeding Very Healthy/Green Parrotlet pair green very healthy and active 1 year old female banded. comes with small cage. Price is firm . Taking ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-11 $200
Cute Parrotlets
Cute Parrotlets These little birds have loads of personality and spunk. They are very clever, and love to do new interesting stuff . ... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-10 $140
Young pair of green parrotlets very healthy good for breeding!
Young pair of green parrotlets very healthy good for breeding! I have a pair of parrotlets about 1 years old male and female, female is banded male is not. They are not tamed due t... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-09 $200
1 years old female parrotlet green very cute and active ! I have a 8 months old parrotlet green female and very active come see her. Please email for a reply asap she has no p... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-08 $150
Wanted: Looking for male parrotlet I am searching to find a young (anywhere from 6 weeks-1 year) male parrotlet. I would prefer blue, but will look at a... Favorites Calgary 2014-01-07 $150
parrotlet pair
parrotlet pair 2013 close banded 8-9 months old parrotlets ready to breed. beautiful bird. both pair for $500 Favorites Calgary 2014-01-07 $250
green parrotlet young pair of parrotlets .male is 2013 close banded. female is without a band. excellent for breeding. Favorites Calgary 2014-01-07 $150
greem female parrotlet she lost her mate. two year old. ready to breed Favorites Calgary 2014-01-04 $95
parrotlet young pair , ready for breeding . if interested call 403-475-0096 Favorites Calgary 2014-01-03 $250